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Veteran Work Programs and Job Fairs

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Veteran Work Programs

Creating veteran work programs that really give a “hand up” to our vets can make a difference for these individuals.  We hear so many stories of our veterans not only being homeless but unable to find productive employment.  Our veterans can be very young to very old.  Each of our veterans deserve to have a productive life, and letting our veterans suffer after what they have experienced to protect our freedoms becomes a humanitarian effort.

The following idea for a store offering employment opportunities for our veterans shows the positive ideas that can be brought to life with a strong desire and effort.  The rewards for giving these veterans opportunities for their future come in many forms.   Rags Of Honor is a great program and it is exciting to see how successful Mr. Doyle has been with this program

veteran workRags of Honor is a top-quality screen printing organization that has the mission of providing employment and services to homeless veterans. The proceeds go directly to employ the veterans who are producing the garments at the Rags of Honor facility.
We set out to make a difference for those who have served our country by building a company that honors their service. At Rags of Honor we pay a living wage, offer continuing education and training and help our veterans with life skills that they need to continue their life’s journey with dignity.”

The Rags of Honor manufacturing facility is in Chicago.  Purchasing products from an organization that has humanitarian goals such as this group helps in many ways.  When we begin to think differently about the purchases we make, we begin to make small changes which leads to larger changes in life outside of us, as well as the life force within us.

Sharing ideas such as how our shopping trends can make a difference for the world we live in, is an important part of the functions of this website.  The goal is for us to respect and value each other and our planet.  Mr. Doyle offers Veterans opportunities to create a future for themselves by offering jobs and training to the very individuals that deserve our appreciation for the service they have performed for us.

Congratulations to Mr. Doyle.  Wishing him continued success.  Be sure to check out their store and support this wonderful humanitarian effort to find a solution to one of the problems we are facing today.  It is great to see new, unique veteran work programs to get our veterans back into living the life they deserve.

Changing how we shop is a great way to change lives.  As the public realize that it is up to us to be part ofshopping with purpose the solutions today, shopping with a purpose becomes more of a reason for where we spend our money.


Be Sure To Check Out Military.Com Job Fairs for your area here.


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Veteran Work Programs

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