Sharing What We Know
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 Sharing What We Know

Mentorships, Internships and Apprenticeships

offer us new ideas for

future growth.


sharing what we know

Could  what we know and what we love be the answer to the problems

we are facing in our society?

Welcome to the new, improved way of living:

 “The New Culture of Sharing”

Sharing what we know is a great way to create the social change we want to see in the world.  All of us have specific skills, talents, knowledge and passions.   Age and Youth both have wonderful perspectives that when put together can create a bigger version of seeing our world.

As some of us realize, our education system is lacking many of the experiences that would benefit our students.  Some of these experiences are due to lack of funding, not staying current with the needs of students, or some aspects of our system being outdated or in need of reform.  As such, the differences in our older workers and our younger workers can create a more balanced integration of knowledge and experience by working together.

The mere fact that the internet has completely changed the workplace, the need for work-time constraints, less need for travel to “work” at all, have, in many instances, totally changed our lives over the past few years. Communication for learning and working can be done easily from anywhere.  Today, we can communicate with multiple individuals from the convenience of our own homes or local coffee shop.

I enjoy researching and have found that there are many groups and organizations realizing the value of change in the old “I need a job” paradigm.  From workers losing their jobs, decreases in benefits, new graduates not being able to “find a job”, plus being stuck with these huge student loans to pay, our perceptions of “finding a job” has become very discouraging.

Can you think about it in a new way?

What about Your Job Works and What about Your Job does not work for your future desires?

You have much more to offer than just the one you do for an employer.

You have a brain and can learn new things if they interest you.

What if you concentrated more on how you can be involved in creating the new world that you would like to see?  We all have opportunities to begin thinking differently, possibly even finding opportunities that create that little bit of excitement through your “heart”.

finding your joy or finding a joyHumanity is realizing that working together is the best way to make changes.  Putting our ideas and efforts into efforts that are positive can create opportunities for all of us.

How can you become part of this change?  Becoming part of this change is a challenge that many of us can experience in positive ways.  Whether young or old, you can play a part.  Emphasis is given to the sharing through mentorships, internships, apprenticeships, and even volunteering.

Education has been limited, but now we have an opportunity to learn the truth about our past, present and future.   This is how we can see what needs to be changed and gather those around us that are available to make these changes.  Exciting times ahead.

Internships are opportunities for our young to learn about business environments.  From how businesses are run to how to deal with having a boss or a co-worker.  Internships offer students new experiences that they can take throughout their lives.  (Paid or Credit)

Programs Such As The Following Are Designed For Our Younger Workers.    

Future :    A project designed to work through the schools systems to help our youth move toward a better future.     A project to get young students working with Seniors to learn how to use the computers.  This is such a lovely program.  Seniors learn new things that they can use to communicate with family and friends.  Students learn how to work with others and teaching is a great learning tool.   A 7-week program designed to teach girls the basics of programming.  There has been an extreme shortage in the amount of young women going into this field.  As girls enter this field, we are seeing new programs and application arise that are designed around solving many of the planet’s problems.

apprenticeshipsApprenticeships can offer individuals opportunities to learn something new.  We normally think of younger workers as apprentices, however, some older workers may find that apprenticeships offer them something new in their lives.  They can take the knowledge and experience they posses and add new skills and talents.  Their lives are enhanced and the lives of others genuinely benefit from the knowledge these people possess.   On a personal note, Apprenticeships For Seniors would be a great approach for a small business person to hire individuals with experience and train them in a new endeavor.  (Paid or UnPaid)

Apprentice Programs – Various industries have programs – At this point I offer this website to you to find a program near you.   I will bring additional connections soon.  –  This website appears to be a “normal” job board designed with the senior worker in mind.  It appears to offer jobs, part-time and full-time.


mentoring others for seniorsMentorships – The words that comes to my mind about Mentorships is simply a mutually benefitting relationship.  Many of us have had at least one mentor in our lives, and usually you know how much these people meant in your life.  Being someone’s mentor has benefits beyond most things we do in life.  Seeing individuals “blossom” creates pure joy.    (Paid or UnPaid) :  Program designed for those that are experienced and have a desire to continue involvement in the communities.  Older individuals have much to offer through their experiences and can help the younger generations through their passions. is a great example of  “The New Culture of Sharing” and offers success for the younger generation, through the dedication of the older worker.    Matching organizations with talent.

For Some Different Types of Connecting Ideas: – This is a very good connection for people that want to travel and are interested in working too.  RVers find interesting opportunities by using this website.

Job Boards With Purpose

 Check this out Quint   – If you are looking for specific types of jobs or some cool, unique or unusual opportunities, you can find connections for specific types of job postings, including seasonal jobs.

Military Job Postings – Our veterans deserve to have opportunities when they return from their time of service.  Find job postings and other information, including Job Fairs at


The New Culture of Sharing

There are many new funding sources for those with ideas to help communities and individuals create the changes that are important today.

We can create a better world- Together!

Thanks for sharing.

Fund Our Communities:    Communities working together to create a better future with great ideas.,, and other funding websites are available.  Many individuals have been successfully starting their new businesses through campaigns on these websites.

The New Culture Of Sharing

Sharing What We Know

This is only the beginning of the changes we are beginning to see in our society.  Together we have “People Power”.   It is through sharing with each other that we can connect the dots and create the world we want to see.

Debbie Foster

Thank you for reading – Thank you for sharing – Thank you for being part of the community of change.

This website is designed for change in the way we live our lives.  The old vision of “needing a job” is changing.  The truth is we have limited our expectations of ourselves.   Start discovering what we can do together.

There will be a Connection Page for Mentorships/Internships/Apprenticeships/Idea Financing on this Website coming soon.  Check back often as new opportunities for change in the future are coming together everyday now.  I will try to share all the new ways we can connect on this website.

sharing what we know

Never Stop Learning!

If you are a socially conscious group with great ideas for social change or opportunities for our unemployed, underemployed, job changers, students, and older workers be sure to share your requirements with this “Jobs For Change” posting board.  If you are ready to become part of the change you want to see by finding new opportunities that are important to all of us, be sure to check with this board.

Our job board is designed to connect those that are looking to become part of the changes with organizations that offer the services that will move us forward.

Advertise your positions.

I can help write effective job descriptions for your requirements.

Please contact me if interested.

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