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Passion Job Opportunities For Our Future

Posted by | May 21, 2016 | Finding Your Passion, Follow Your Dreams, job postings

follow your passion
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Passion job opportunities

for our future?


Is it possible for us to actually find passion job opportunities

and still live successful, abundant lives?

As long as I have been alive, I have been directed away from my passions.  When it came to working for social causes, helping others and any socially-directed endeavor, I have found the positions extremely rewarding emotionally, but financial struggles arrived due to the lack of appreciation for such projects.  Even receiving a four year degree in social sciences was considered “the easy way out”, and not respected by some people that only saw life in financial terms.

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My life has been about jobs.  Helping others find jobs, preparing for job interviews, writing resumes and everything in-between about getting jobs.  One day, I looked closely at the resume outline I was teaching others, and realized that our passion was not even a part of the resume outline that we use to find our jobs.  I again recognized, that for many,  “passion job opportunities” was not even considered in the initial stages of finding a job.

what is my passion? what is my purpose?We spend the majority of our life working at a job and when we can’t find a job, we become fearful, depressed and begin to lose hope for our future.  Perhaps looking at our jobs differently, building our job from the “ground-up” of who we are and what our passions represent to us, will move us into a new era of how we look at accomplishments.

There are many individuals on the internet to help us find the “right” directions for our careers in the future.  There is no one that I know that is more positive and offers better insight in creating the life you want to live, than Brendon Burchard.  Watch the following video and see if this resonates with how you would like to see your future unfold.


No matter how old you are, whether you are just starting your career or ready to make a change to something new, don’t box yourself into one label.  We are not one label, engineer, office worker, sales rep or teacher.  We have many ways that we can offer the best of who we are to the world.  The past has pigeon-holed so many people into a “small range” of possibilities, that they begin to drown in a trap of their own making.

Start investigating yourself.  Experience those things that bring joy to your heart and watch the ideas growfollow your passion from there.  For many years, I did a job that I was very proud of, helping others find jobs.  However, I understand that “finding a job” is not the answer, but finding “the right work” is the real answer.  Then you are no longer talking the tedious act of “having a job”.     You have a purpose and knowing yourself gives you opportunities of multiple purpose for your life.  We are not limited to only one box, we are infinite possibilities.


Watch this video by Kyle Cease -Facebook Page.  

Very inspiring.

The End of ControlThe End of Control

Posted by Kyle Cease on Sunday, December 27, 2015

This website represents a passion of mine.   Helping others find ways of finding opportunities to enrich their lives by service-to-others is a way of being that brings out my passions.  We can build better lives for ourselves when we understand that we are here to offer the world “our personal best”.

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(Brendon Burchard’s video is not an affiliate site, although I wish it was.  lol)


Much Success In This New Year of Change.

Currently, this website is not accepting job descriptions.  

Please contact me if you have a socially conscious organization or school that would be interested in working with this new concept for socially conscious job opportunities.

follow your passion

Working together we can create the changes we want to see in our world.

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