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Passion Job Opportunities For Our Future

Posted by | May 21, 2016 | Finding Your Passion, Follow Your Dreams, job postings

follow your passion
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Passion job opportunities

for our future?


Is it possible for us to actually find passion job opportunities

and still live successful, abundant lives?

As long as I have been alive, I have been directed away from my passions.  When it came to working for social causes, helping others and any socially-directed endeavor, I have found the positions extremely rewarding emotionally, but financial struggles arrived due to the lack of appreciation for such projects.  Even receiving a four year degree in social sciences was considered “the easy way out”, and not respected by some people that only saw life in financial terms.

financial gain

My life has been about jobs.  Helping others find jobs, preparing for job interviews, writing resumes and everything in-between about getting jobs.  One day, I looked closely at the resume outline I was teaching others, and realized that our passion was not even a part of the resume outline that we use to find our jobs.  I again recognized, that for many,  “passion job opportunities” was not even considered in the initial stages of finding a job.

what is my passion? what is my purpose?We spend the majority of our life working at a job and when we can’t find a job, we become fearful, depressed and begin to lose hope for our future.  Perhaps looking at our jobs differently, building our job from the “ground-up” of who we are and what our passions represent to us, will move us into a new era of how we look at accomplishments.

There are many individuals on the internet to help us find the “right” directions for our careers in the future.  There is no one that I know that is more positive and offers better insight in creating the life you want to live, than Brendon Burchard.  Watch the following video and see if this resonates with how you would like to see your future unfold.


No matter how old you are, whether you are just starting your career or ready to make a change to something new, don’t box yourself into one label.  We are not one label, engineer, office worker, sales rep or teacher.  We have many ways that we can offer the best of who we are to the world.  The past has pigeon-holed so many people into a “small range” of possibilities, that they begin to drown in a trap of their own making.

Start investigating yourself.  Experience those things that bring joy to your heart and watch the ideas growfollow your passion from there.  For many years, I did a job that I was very proud of, helping others find jobs.  However, I understand that “finding a job” is not the answer, but finding “the right work” is the real answer.  Then you are no longer talking the tedious act of “having a job”.     You have a purpose and knowing yourself gives you opportunities of multiple purpose for your life.  We are not limited to only one box, we are infinite possibilities.


Watch this video by Kyle Cease -Facebook Page.  

Very inspiring.

The End of ControlThe End of Control

Posted by Kyle Cease on Sunday, December 27, 2015

This website represents a passion of mine.   Helping others find ways of finding opportunities to enrich their lives by service-to-others is a way of being that brings out my passions.  We can build better lives for ourselves when we understand that we are here to offer the world “our personal best”.

Thanks for reading.


finding a job


Download My Quick Start Guide:


(Brendon Burchard’s video is not an affiliate site, although I wish it was.  lol)


Much Success In This New Year of Change.

Currently, this website is not accepting job descriptions.  

Please contact me if you have a socially conscious organization or school that would be interested in working with this new concept for socially conscious job opportunities.

follow your passion

Working together we can create the changes we want to see in our world.

Thanks for sharing.



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happy workers
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Happy Workers 

Check Out:    The Center In Houston, Texas

Where people are productive and feel productive, we find Happy Workers.

A sense of accomplishment is not a little thing.  We all want to feel that what we are doing is important and  is making a difference.  These days finding people that are happy workers is getting harder and harder to find.

One of my favorite places to find Happy Workers is The Center in Houston, Texas.  It was one of the first places I worked and it is one of the best and happiest places I have ever worked.  Satisfaction, pride, and seeing others happy is so satisfying.  It is a feeling of abundance that supersedes financial rewards.

I wanted to share with you this video, because when we begin to shift our ideas to what makes a happy worker, many times it is not just about the money.  Begin to think about the moments during your day when you begin to smile and appreciate the NOW of the moment.  You may find yourself thinking of sharing your gifts with others that could use your smile.

This website is dedicated to thinking outside the box and more on a basis of what you can do outside that box to bring new smiles to yourself and those around you.  Our jobs sometimes are all about money.  Our smiles may be about other things.  How can we integrate more smiles in our lives?   Begin thinking about when and what makes you happy.  Begin incorporating those times into your life, more and more.  You may find an entirely different direction for your time, and if you are so inclined, possibly meet some people that could move you closer to being one of those happy workers.

There are many things to worry about these days, begin noticing those things that make you smile and move you away from worry.  Find ways to incorporate more of the happy and less of the worry, by taking steps to move in that direction.

sharing what we knowThe world needs you.

Our world needs people that are ready to smile more.  The planet, the people, the water, the air, the animals, our veterans, seniors and others all need  a little help these days.  Starting small can mean only a few hours a week or less.  The goal is to spread those smiles,

Bring those skills you have and put them to work.  We need people that are willing to make change in their lives and others.  “Work” is a different word when you are happy.  We have had too many years of “work” being a “Four Letter Word.”

Let’s see if we can make work a  “Five Letter Word”

the act of giving

Happy Workers Image thanks to

Find New Ways To Be A Happy Worker


Thanks for reading – Finding what makes us Happy and Productive Changes Lives.

Download Your Free Copy To Help You Discover Ways To:  “Be A Happy Worker”

(no optin required)

Thanks For Reading!!            Best of Luck Always – D.Foster

Find Out How To Share Your Smiles at:



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The Act of Giving and Receiving

Posted by | February 12, 2016 | DFF Job Postings, job postings, Jobs For Change, Sharing What We Know, The Culture of Sharing

the art of giving
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The Act of Giving


The Act of Receiving

The act of giving creates responses in our bodies.  When you think about the feelings that you are experiencing in your body, you realize that you begin to feel good about yourself, happy, connected, generous, loving and a sense of goodness within your body through the act of giving.

The act of receiving can create other experiences such as true appreciation and feelings of warmth toward humanity, itself.  When we receive a gift from a place of sincere appreciation, our heart opens.  Many times we can actually “feel”  the response from a sincere receiver, which touches our “giving heart”, even more.  Giving and receiving both can create wonderful feelings of appreciation and care. The feeling of gratitude creates connections with others that opens both hearts.

For some, receiving has been a matter of conditioning.  Sometimes receiving creates distrust.  We wonderthe act of giving what the giver expects from us.  There may be expectations.  When we feel we deserve this gift or possibly even better, we are experiencing the gift through the ego, and we begin to think this gift is owed to us.  If the gift is given with expectations, then it may still be from the heart, but now attached are emotional strings.  No longer are we operating from a place of unconditional love.

It is when the giver and the receiver are mutually served that hearts open.  Expectations and feelings of distrust create blocks.  Find those situations that “talk to you through your heart”, give freely and observe how giving and receiving are the same emotions when done from a place of respect.

As society becomes more consciously aware of how to interact together for the good of all, gratitude becomes the word of each day.  Appreciate the giving and receiving in this world.  Sharing is the new culture of social change.

the act of givingWe can make a difference when we work together.

Thanks for reading.




“Gracious acceptance is an art – an art which most never bother to cultivate. We think that we have to learn how to give, but we forget about accepting things, which can be much harder than giving…. Accepting another person’s gift is allowing him to express his feelings for you.”
― Alexander McCall Smith, Love Over Scotland

Wishing You A Very Happy Valentine’s Day

the act of giving red rose

Please contact me if you have openings for Internships or Mentorship programs.   If you are a group that needs to find Internship Programs or Mentorship Programs for your socially conscious organization, please contact me.

This Website Is Dedicated To The New Culture of Sharing.  

Working together to create a better community of change and community programs.

Best of Luck – Always

Debbie Foster

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Veteran Work Programs

Creating veteran work programs that really give a “hand up” to our vets can make a difference for these individuals.  We hear so many stories of our veterans not only being homeless but unable to find productive employment.  Our veterans can be very young to very old.  Each of our veterans deserve to have a productive life, and letting our veterans suffer after what they have experienced to protect our freedoms becomes a humanitarian effort.

The following idea for a store offering employment opportunities for our veterans shows the positive ideas that can be brought to life with a strong desire and effort.  The rewards for giving these veterans opportunities for their future come in many forms.   Rags Of Honor is a great program and it is exciting to see how successful Mr. Doyle has been with this program

veteran workRags of Honor is a top-quality screen printing organization that has the mission of providing employment and services to homeless veterans. The proceeds go directly to employ the veterans who are producing the garments at the Rags of Honor facility.
We set out to make a difference for those who have served our country by building a company that honors their service. At Rags of Honor we pay a living wage, offer continuing education and training and help our veterans with life skills that they need to continue their life’s journey with dignity.”

The Rags of Honor manufacturing facility is in Chicago.  Purchasing products from an organization that has humanitarian goals such as this group helps in many ways.  When we begin to think differently about the purchases we make, we begin to make small changes which leads to larger changes in life outside of us, as well as the life force within us.

Sharing ideas such as how our shopping trends can make a difference for the world we live in, is an important part of the functions of this website.  The goal is for us to respect and value each other and our planet.  Mr. Doyle offers Veterans opportunities to create a future for themselves by offering jobs and training to the very individuals that deserve our appreciation for the service they have performed for us.

Congratulations to Mr. Doyle.  Wishing him continued success.  Be sure to check out their store and support this wonderful humanitarian effort to find a solution to one of the problems we are facing today.  It is great to see new, unique veteran work programs to get our veterans back into living the life they deserve.

Changing how we shop is a great way to change lives.  As the public realize that it is up to us to be part ofshopping with purpose the solutions today, shopping with a purpose becomes more of a reason for where we spend our money.


Be Sure To Check Out Military.Com Job Fairs for your area here.


Watch for more information on

Veteran Work Programs

and Other Programs To Help our Vets!

Thanks for reading.  Best of Luck Always

Debbie Foster


Please contact me if you are interested in learning more plans for this website.

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ipads for special needs
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 Funding For IPads 

The success of Ipads in helping special needs individuals learn basic life functions has proved that there is need for funding for IPads to assist special needs individual find success in life skills.  Finding grant opportunities for families and adults is not always easy.  Be sure to visit the following website for information about grant options for special needs family issues and many other valuable tidbits of information.  The increase in numbers of special needs individuals  over recent years, has brought more awareness and more solutions.


Family Grant Opportunities | Families and Adults/Resource Library | Autism Speaks

“Autism Speaks is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, to funding research into the causes, prevention and treatments for autism, and to advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.”

You can find many sources of helping families with the issues that they deal with, but specifically, I was very interested in the following source:

“Funding for iPads
Looking for an iPad? The Autism Society can help! Courtesy of the Autism Society’s contact center, Autism Source, they have put together a list of organizations that offer grants and other assistance for individuals with autism who would like to purchase an iPad.
In addition, BridgingApps provides a list of funding sources for iPads and mobile devices.”

If you are an organization that works with Special Needs Children, there are so many opportunities to help kids today, that were not available in times past.  Technology has given all of us different opportunities to learn, to create, and to be successful.  We are also beginning to understand much more about how the brain functions, which brings more solutions for change.

Smiles from feeling successful is a good thing.  Discovering ways to make our Special Needs people successful in their lives is something that will make us all smile.  Education based on how we learn, with true scientically proven knowledge, and an eye told the individual, gives the population of special needs people a new door of opportunity.  Couple this knowledge with the technology we possess today, we can create new possiblities for the future of even more of these special people.

Thanks for reading.  Support new ideas for change!

D Foster

Special Advertising available for Special Needs Groups and Organizations 

Please Contact Me If You  Are A Group or Organization that works with

Special Needs Individuals.

funding for ipads

Thanks for reading.

Never Stop Learning!!


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Sharing What We Know
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 Sharing What We Know

Mentorships, Internships and Apprenticeships

offer us new ideas for

future growth.


sharing what we know

Could  what we know and what we love be the answer to the problems

we are facing in our society?

Welcome to the new, improved way of living:

 “The New Culture of Sharing”

Sharing what we know is a great way to create the social change we want to see in the world.  All of us have specific skills, talents, knowledge and passions.   Age and Youth both have wonderful perspectives that when put together can create a bigger version of seeing our world.

As some of us realize, our education system is lacking many of the experiences that would benefit our students.  Some of these experiences are due to lack of funding, not staying current with the needs of students, or some aspects of our system being outdated or in need of reform.  As such, the differences in our older workers and our younger workers can create a more balanced integration of knowledge and experience by working together.

The mere fact that the internet has completely changed the workplace, the need for work-time constraints, less need for travel to “work” at all, have, in many instances, totally changed our lives over the past few years. Communication for learning and working can be done easily from anywhere.  Today, we can communicate with multiple individuals from the convenience of our own homes or local coffee shop.

I enjoy researching and have found that there are many groups and organizations realizing the value of change in the old “I need a job” paradigm.  From workers losing their jobs, decreases in benefits, new graduates not being able to “find a job”, plus being stuck with these huge student loans to pay, our perceptions of “finding a job” has become very discouraging.

Can you think about it in a new way?

What about Your Job Works and What about Your Job does not work for your future desires?

You have much more to offer than just the one you do for an employer.

You have a brain and can learn new things if they interest you.

What if you concentrated more on how you can be involved in creating the new world that you would like to see?  We all have opportunities to begin thinking differently, possibly even finding opportunities that create that little bit of excitement through your “heart”.

finding your joy or finding a joyHumanity is realizing that working together is the best way to make changes.  Putting our ideas and efforts into efforts that are positive can create opportunities for all of us.

How can you become part of this change?  Becoming part of this change is a challenge that many of us can experience in positive ways.  Whether young or old, you can play a part.  Emphasis is given to the sharing through mentorships, internships, apprenticeships, and even volunteering.

Education has been limited, but now we have an opportunity to learn the truth about our past, present and future.   This is how we can see what needs to be changed and gather those around us that are available to make these changes.  Exciting times ahead.

Internships are opportunities for our young to learn about business environments.  From how businesses are run to how to deal with having a boss or a co-worker.  Internships offer students new experiences that they can take throughout their lives.  (Paid or Credit)

Programs Such As The Following Are Designed For Our Younger Workers.    

Future :    A project designed to work through the schools systems to help our youth move toward a better future.     A project to get young students working with Seniors to learn how to use the computers.  This is such a lovely program.  Seniors learn new things that they can use to communicate with family and friends.  Students learn how to work with others and teaching is a great learning tool.   A 7-week program designed to teach girls the basics of programming.  There has been an extreme shortage in the amount of young women going into this field.  As girls enter this field, we are seeing new programs and application arise that are designed around solving many of the planet’s problems.

apprenticeshipsApprenticeships can offer individuals opportunities to learn something new.  We normally think of younger workers as apprentices, however, some older workers may find that apprenticeships offer them something new in their lives.  They can take the knowledge and experience they posses and add new skills and talents.  Their lives are enhanced and the lives of others genuinely benefit from the knowledge these people possess.   On a personal note, Apprenticeships For Seniors would be a great approach for a small business person to hire individuals with experience and train them in a new endeavor.  (Paid or UnPaid)

Apprentice Programs – Various industries have programs – At this point I offer this website to you to find a program near you.   I will bring additional connections soon.  –  This website appears to be a “normal” job board designed with the senior worker in mind.  It appears to offer jobs, part-time and full-time.


mentoring others for seniorsMentorships – The words that comes to my mind about Mentorships is simply a mutually benefitting relationship.  Many of us have had at least one mentor in our lives, and usually you know how much these people meant in your life.  Being someone’s mentor has benefits beyond most things we do in life.  Seeing individuals “blossom” creates pure joy.    (Paid or UnPaid) :  Program designed for those that are experienced and have a desire to continue involvement in the communities.  Older individuals have much to offer through their experiences and can help the younger generations through their passions. is a great example of  “The New Culture of Sharing” and offers success for the younger generation, through the dedication of the older worker.    Matching organizations with talent.

For Some Different Types of Connecting Ideas: – This is a very good connection for people that want to travel and are interested in working too.  RVers find interesting opportunities by using this website.

Job Boards With Purpose

 Check this out Quint   – If you are looking for specific types of jobs or some cool, unique or unusual opportunities, you can find connections for specific types of job postings, including seasonal jobs.

Military Job Postings – Our veterans deserve to have opportunities when they return from their time of service.  Find job postings and other information, including Job Fairs at


The New Culture of Sharing

There are many new funding sources for those with ideas to help communities and individuals create the changes that are important today.

We can create a better world- Together!

Thanks for sharing.

Fund Our Communities:    Communities working together to create a better future with great ideas.,, and other funding websites are available.  Many individuals have been successfully starting their new businesses through campaigns on these websites.

The New Culture Of Sharing

Sharing What We Know

This is only the beginning of the changes we are beginning to see in our society.  Together we have “People Power”.   It is through sharing with each other that we can connect the dots and create the world we want to see.

Debbie Foster

Thank you for reading – Thank you for sharing – Thank you for being part of the community of change.

This website is designed for change in the way we live our lives.  The old vision of “needing a job” is changing.  The truth is we have limited our expectations of ourselves.   Start discovering what we can do together.

There will be a Connection Page for Mentorships/Internships/Apprenticeships/Idea Financing on this Website coming soon.  Check back often as new opportunities for change in the future are coming together everyday now.  I will try to share all the new ways we can connect on this website.

sharing what we know

Never Stop Learning!

If you are a socially conscious group with great ideas for social change or opportunities for our unemployed, underemployed, job changers, students, and older workers be sure to share your requirements with this “Jobs For Change” posting board.  If you are ready to become part of the change you want to see by finding new opportunities that are important to all of us, be sure to check with this board.

Our job board is designed to connect those that are looking to become part of the changes with organizations that offer the services that will move us forward.

Advertise your positions.

I can help write effective job descriptions for your requirements.

Please contact me if interested.

d.foster and

Ask me about Lead Generation Videos

-Get to 1st page of Search Engines Organically (no fees)- Quickly !

Test it on Google Search Now:      Lead Generation Video Advertising Payson, AZ








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computer science jobs for girls
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Girls Who is one of my favorite positive websites to help girls learn to create their ideas by learning computer coding.  The lack of girls in the computer science industry has been noticeable and people have been  doing something about it.

I have given you information about before and have shared how valuable teaching our young girls to code can be when it comes to “girls who code make ideas come true.”  The idea has spread around the globe, and the idea of teaching girls how to code is becoming a global trend.

I am so excited to see the following video.

The real truth is we are seeing that providing  computer training for girls is becoming a global idea.  Girls joining in on the computer science industry is adding a twist in what has been done over the years.  Girls want to solve problems for their community, and they are imagining answers to the difficult problems that we are facing today.

Many young girls have such wonderful imaginations.  Giving girls the tools to create things that they can imagine in their mind, is such a gift for all of us.  The female gender has a usually gentle, loving spirit and when a young girl has tools to create happiness, and abundance, they will use their talents in a positive way.

Visit Google’s Made with Code initiative:

When girls learn to code, they turn their thoughts to making things happen to help others in their community and elsewhere.  As girls learn to code, they see problems, and they work together to create apps to fix the problems.

In the U.S. the program is available for communities with interested educators and local people that want to be part of getting a girls who code program started in their area.  Personally, I believe the program offers advantages for the community and the girls participating in the program.  If you are a school or educator in the Payson, AZ area, please contact me.   I would love to work on the project with you, but we would need to have a local educator involved to get this going in our area.

Several of the programs we saw the girls in the video create are to help those individuals that may have disabilities that are interfering with success in their daily lives, and that is where my interest is most keen.  I believe that many of our individuals that are considered disabled can be helped by simply using our technology to make these individuals more productive in their daily lives.

Our world is changing in many ways.  As our girls become more involved in using their imagination to create new and better ways to operate with each other, success for more people in this world is more attainable.

Support your local community, by supporting the ideas that create new options or  creative answers from our youth.  We have unlimited potential in our young people today, we need to understand this and nurture it.

Thanks for reading.

Please contact me if you do have interest in Payson, AZ becoming an opportunity for our young girls to learn how to code and create a new life for themselves and others. looks like a great way to start.

What we need is a current Instructor or Educator, to get the program started in our community.

           D.Foster –

Job Opportunities Connect Job Board is very excited to learn about and has created it’s own video to promote the program:


Ask us about videos for your

school program, non profit

or business today!  


or call 928-978-5743 and leave a message —

Girls Who Code Computer Training for Girls

Sharing Socially Conscious Ideas

Thanks For Sharing!!!

We can be the change we want to see today!

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finding a job or finding our joy
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Finding your joy

becomes very difficult when you are strictly focused on

finding a job.

Because finding a job today has become a full-time job for many, finding your joy is forgotten in the finding a jobemotions that finding a job evoke from us.  Finding a job emotions and finding your joy are not always in harmony.  If finding a job is focused on your survival, finding your joy is focused on finding your happiness.

We forget that finding our happiness is what our lives should be about.  Much of our happiness has been lost because of us living from the perspective of only fulfilling our survival needs.  Let us begin to look into the fact that our happiness is as much our personal responsibility, as our survival.  Creating a way to create our happiness, opens us up for much more than just finding a job.

The following video is a great motivator for finding your happiness and not just finding a job.  Each of us has our own way of finding our joy, as evidenced by what is shared on Facebook and other social media methods.  The best method to finding your personal joy, is to take the time to discover how and what represents your happiness and joy.

This video may help.

My journey started about five years ago, too.  Once I realized that our society has created that feeling of fear because we are lost in the confusion of how do we survive without a job?  A job is a means to get the energy of money moving through us.  Money has been the answer to our survival for a long time.  Our mindset of needing money, and the fear of lack of this money, has driven many people to deadly decisions.

Let’s begin our process of finding our joy and creating our happiness leading to the places where we want to spend our time and efforts.  This is not an easy choice, as he says in the video.  However, this is the choice that moves you to discovering the ways that your happiness and joy can become the direction of your survival.  Emphasis has been placed on monetary value of our lives and not the joyful, happy value of understanding that we are more than just our potential to bring in the dollars.  This is an idea that has been perpetuated in our society for many, many years.  Money can bring many enjoyable things, including survival, but survival as the only goal for your life, displaces permanent joy and happiness.

finding your joy or finding a joyBe sure to visit his website if this rings true for you.



You can also download my free starter guide to help you find your passion -on this website – FREE with no optin


Best wishes for your future.

Find your Joy – and –Create your happiness.

That is Freedom!

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