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Need Some Inspiration?

Posted by | March 14, 2017 | change we want to see, create change, follow your dreams, follow your heart, follow your passions, job postings, need some inspiration

finding a job or finding our joy
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Need Some Inspiration?

We all need some inspiration at times in our lives

Here is something that is very inspiring if you need some inspiration about now.  🙂

need some inspiration

Temple Grandin – Womens Hall of Fame!

“Honoring Dr. Temple Grandin in this esteemed group of women not only speaks to the power of her research and advocacy, but also her impact as a role model for young women everywhere,” said Tony Frank, president of Colorado State University, where Grandin teaches. “Early in her career, her determination helped her break into what was a largely male-dominated animal production industry, and she continues to serve as an advocate for women in the sciences, for young people with autism, and for anyone unwilling to let artificial boundaries stand in the way of their personal and professional success.”

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Many people today are thinking outside the box.

We don’t go to the people that want to keep thinking inside the box

to find support for our Big Ideas.need some inspiration to think outside the box

When we take the time to discover the people that support us in thinking in new ways,  

we can see more changes that we want to see 

in our lives and in the world.  

There are many ways that we can make a difference in our world today.  Changes in our society are here and ideas are how we make change.

Follow Your Passions!

Don’t Let Others Stop You From Your Dreams!

Stay Focused On What You Want To Accomplish.

Listen To Your Heart!

need some inspirationWhen you find those that understand your dreams and your purpose, you move forward, as an example.   You also may find those that have ideas that will work with your ideas.  Working together we have new options for the future.  Stay focused on your desires, gifts and great ideas that are important to you.

Wishing you much success!   Follow your dreams.

Change is in the air!!!  Make it work for you.

D.Foster and Friends

You can find more  inspiration by reading Gary Coxe Book:

” Don’t Let Others Rent Space In Your Head



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