Mentorship & Apprenticeship Opportunities

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Mentorship and Apprenticeship Opportunities

Mentorship Opportunities for our more experienced workers offer opportunities to give and to receive.

Remember – Our Differences Can Be Our Strengths!

Diversity is an opportunity to learn from another.  When we see our differences in this way, we find ourselves learning new ways of thinking.  That is not such a bad thing.  Learning new ways of seeing others around us, creates more unity in our lives.  For a long time, we have been focused on the differences in us, but that only has taken away opportunities to learn.

Mentorships and Apprenticeships

The New Culture Of Sharing, is a chance for us to share what we know and watch others grow from ourdon't think you can make a difference? thoughts, ideas and experience.  We have a wonderful opportunity today with our older and younger workers to share information that can create even better ideas.

Younger individuals have grown up with technology and have a way of thinking in a more technical way.  Our more experienced individuals have experience and wisdom that can only come from living a life of experiences.

Along that Idea, I want to share this link with you regarding Mentoring.  There is a lot of information there and I hope to go through it, as I think Mentoring and Internships are an opportunity that exist today like never before.  The melding of Experience and Technology talents creates something new.  Working for a common purpose gives the combination the passion to change lives.

Defining Mentoring:

Mentoring takes place between young persons (i.e., mentees) and older or more experienced persons (i.e., mentors) who are acting in a non-professional helping capacity to provide support that benefits one or more areas of the mentee’s development1.

Mentoring of youth may be best understood using a multi-level framework2. Successfully advancing the quality and availability of mentoring for young people is expected to involve coordinated efforts across all these levels”….: read more

Find Out More – Mentoring Others and Working Together – We Can Find Answers To Problems.

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