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Mentoring For Change Together

Posted by | July 28, 2016 | job postings,, mentors, mentorships, The Culture of Sharing, volunteer mentors, volunteering

mentoring for change together
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Mentoring For Change Together

Mentoring for change together is one way that positive energy can be exchanged to create the world we want to see.  There is no doubt that today, there are difficulties that we face everyday in our society.  These difficulties are experienced by young and old.  Interestingly enough, this one fact may be one of the answers to our difficulties.  The idea of us mentoring for change together is an idea whose time has arrived.

Statistics say that we have a lot of experience available just through the shear volume of numbers of experienced people retiring from our workforce today.  Many of these individuals, may be retiring earlier than normal, whether on purpose or because of the way our job market is changing, they are finding themselves without employment.

In the past, we have relied on our mentors to be volunteers.  Today, our economy is such that, for manythe act of giving, young and old,  “time is money” and “money is tight”.  Our communities are finding it difficult to get any reliable volunteers, whether mentors or not, due to this need for financial survival.  When we put our heads together as a community, we can find solutions.  Most businesses, small and large, are looking for new customers or new connections in need of their services.

Have we considered how we can create new ways of rewarding our very important volunteers and mentors?  It seems that offering needed services for time well spent assisting others, is one way that we could increase the volunteering availability of experienced volunteers to do mentoring or other services.  This would be a community action that could add to mentoring programs and other volunteer services required in an area, while also offering new business connections in the community.

Please take our quick survey.  We are looking into ideas for mentoring in the area.  Getting people involved with the community and services designed to make our communities better is called sharing.  Sharing our ideas, time, skills and talents is one way to get the community involvement that creates change.

Thanks for reading and Thanks For Sharing.

Debbie Foster

Never Stop Learning!


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