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Mentor Connection Choices

Posted by | October 8, 2016 | Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials, job postings, mentor connection choice,, Sharing What We Know, The Culture of Sharing

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Whether we are seeking a mentor or thinking of becoming a mentor, we should stop and think about what baby boomers mentor millennialsthe end result of our mentor connection choices are to be.  We seek different experiences from our connections, which may include a business connection or a personal learning experience.  The individual that is wishing to learn something new and the individual with the knowledge need to feel satisfaction from these relationships.

When we are talking about mentoring our youth, we are looking for people that are truly motivated to help children grow and learn in ways that will move their lives into achieving their goals.  Just helping children learn to read, play a musical instrument or be a better baseball player or dancer is part of mentoring our youth.  The time can be as little as one or two hours a week.  The important thing is the quality of the time spent.  Motivation and preparation from both parties creates more positive results.

For the individuals that are looking at making mentor connection choices for a specific learning experience, the following article from  called How To Start A Mentorship Relationship may be very helpful.  Just as you would choose a college, the impact on the outcome from your mentor connection choice, is very important to the final success.

Apprenticeships are all about making “the right mentor connection choice”.  Successful internships for students is also dependent upon making the right connection.  The individual that understands what he wants to know and what he needs to know for his success is one step ahead in this game.  The person that makes his mentor connection choice also based on the environment that best works for him or her, also has an advantage when it comes to success.  For students these choices may be based on the faculty at the school or institution.

don't think you can make a difference?There are usually challenges when learning new things and the better the fit between the Mentor and the one in the learning mode, the better the outcome.  Take time to make sure the right mentor connection match is in place and see what happens.

Careful Attention To Outcomes Is Important to:

Mentor Connection Choices 

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