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16 Mar 2017

Part-Time Local Community Services and Counties

Local Community Services and County – Posted by Debbie Foster Anywhere

mentoring others for seniors

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There are so many local community groups across the country that are struggling to keep up with the needs of their people.  When we look around our communities, we see services, organizations and individuals that need just athe act of giving little extra help.  In my area, we have many smaller community service groups, some run by parent’s groups, churches and other organization’s with passion.  Funding cuts, such as food stamps and housing assistance, are creating experiences of lack of food and housing for many folks around the country.

Some of our community organizations and groups that hire full-time, mentoring and volunteers use the services of their State to help them with locating and hiring people to fill these needs.  These state services also offer job training, business partnering and other services designed to find the best fit for each local employment opportunity and local job or volunteer seeking placement in their own county or state.

In the state of Texas, you can find more information at:  Workforce  (Houston Area) –

Be sure to check out the Job Fair Calendar For Workforce Events-in Houston area  posted each month on this website.

In the state of Arizona, you can find more information at:

 Arizona At Work – Workforce Solutions(Northern Arizona)

The first step is the most important step to finding your next employment opportunity.

Only you know what that next step is:  Whether it is full time employment needs or volunteering/mentoring or other ways, find ways in your local community to be of service.  Our local communities give us tangible experiences.  The results of these connections can be felt deeply within our hearts, as we see the positive effects around us, and those we love and care for.



Become involved!  

Working With Your Local Community  To Solve Problems Is A Great Way Make Changes !

Your local and state Community Services, large and small have ways to get involved.  From Jobs, Mentoring and Volunteering opportunities, you can find different opportunities to make a difference in what is important to you.  There are Apprenticeships and new ways of sharing that are appearing everyday.  I recently ran into a handyman that I had when I first moved here, and he has created an organization of Handymen in our area that helps those in need, especially our seniors and unemployed individuals.


Many local counties are forming Committees of Safety, and working with their local Constitutional Sheriffs, State Militia, and groups and are working on behalf of the local community’s, individual issues and how these relate to the entire population of the area.  Finding ways to be involved on a more local or community/organization level, makes issues less difficult to solve and less likely to become larger problems in the future.

Get To Know Your Sheriff!

A Committee of Safety only takes

4 of your local people to become

involved in community happenings around the county.

Constitutional SheriffNow that we understand that it is the Sheriffs of our County  that are responsible for our

“Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”.

 Take time to get to know your Sheriff.

He has taken an oath to protect. you.

Your Community Concerns are his job.

Our Local Elections are coming soon.

CSOPA has given us questions to ask Our Candidates For Sheriff:  

 Before You Vote.

You can download “Vet Your Sheriff” From Their Website.  

The New Culture of Sharing is all about working together and using the talents, skills, desires, and passions we have to make the world better for all of us.  When we see things we want to change, we should always follow what our heart tells us and use our own discretion.  

Happy Workers

I hope you all find ways of making your own heart sing.  Sharing and seeing others smile because of what you do, is one of the best ways I know how, to bring a smile to yourself.

Don’t forget!  There are so many things that you can do in your neighborhood.  You can always help your neighbor with his projects, take a senior to the doctor, foster a rescued dog, or just visit together and find out what the needs are in your community.  Recently, I saw a video of a “Coat Wall” in a community, where people hung their old coats and scarves for homeless individuals.   There are many creative ideas to help? You might even decide to grow a community garden or find innovative ways of sharing ideas with your local schools or service groups.

Have a great day and Get Involved!

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