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Mission Statement:

The Mission:  Job Opportunities Connect:


Provide a Job Board that is simple to use for job seekers and job posting organizations.

Provide service opportunities, including:  

Full Time and Part Time Employment,

Temporary and Contract Employment,

Volunteering, Mentoring, Internships, Freelance, 

Apprenticeships, Work-at-Home, 

or other valuable connection opportunities.

Jobs For Change

DFF Job Postings - Jobs For Change

Changes, big and small, are happening all around us.

From Our Medical Industry, Technology Industry, and more our ways of doing business is  changing.  We, as human beings, are beginning to understand that it is up to us to change what we see around us.

We are becoming more aware of how our daily jobs affect our world around us and the world within us.

Socially Aware

New and Old Job Opportunities that enhance the well being of ourselves and others are becoming more important than ever.

Whether You are Looking For A Job or Other Ways to Become More Involved With These Changes

Job Opportunities Job Board Is Here To Give You New Ideas and Direction.

See Our Job Opportunities Job Board


To See What’s New!


Discover Ways That Will Move Us Toward The Lives We Are All Wanting To Live.

Your happiness matters and can bring changes to the world.

Follow your passion to be of service to others.

The World Needs You More Than Ever




Special Discounts are given to opportunities and options that are

Environmentally, Socially, and Planetary –

Solution Motivated.

If your group, business or organization is dedicated to creating a better life for yourself and others, please contact me:

All Job Postings are approved on an individual basis.  

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