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Internship Job Opportunities for our Youth

Intenship Jobs andapprenticeships

It is up to us to provide Internship Jobs For Our Youth.  Each community, business (large and small) can use the great energy, talent, passions and eagerness to learn that we find in the youth of today.  Their creativity is virtually untapped, until we give them them opportunities to expand.

When we, as a community do not take advantage of the wonderful energy we find in our youth today, we are doing a dis-service to ourselves, our community, and, especially, our youth.  It is even more important today than ever, that we give our children a “heads up” about what to expect when the enter the workforce.  Experience is always the best teacher.

The term “take advantage” does not mean to exploit energy from these people.  I watched the following video and was outraged that this young man was living in a tent to complete his internship.  It is my opinion that Internships are a form of employment, interns should receive credit or some other form of renumeration.  One Approach to consider:  Students still in high school could work for credits and those that have spent the time and money to get a college degree, should receive compensation.   Humanitarian considerations, seem to indicate this is just a human right to receive compensation for your efforts.

Sharing internship opportunities is so much easier with the internet:

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Programs Such As The Following Are

Designed For Our Younger Future Workers.

Student Program Ideas:

Future : A project designed to work through the schools systems to help our youth move toward a better future.

Our Youth Teaching Our Seniors How To Use The Computer: A project to get young students working with Seniors to learn how to use the computers. This is such a lovely program. Seniors learn new things that they can use to communicate with family and friends. Students learn how to work with others and teaching is a great learning tool.

Summer Training Program For Girls: A 7-week program designed to teach girls the basics of programming. There has been an extreme shortage in the amount of young women going into this field. As girls enter this field, we are seeing new programs and application arise that are designed around solving many of the planet’s problems.


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