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Happy Workers 

Check Out:    The Center In Houston, Texas

Where people are productive and feel productive, we find Happy Workers.

A sense of accomplishment is not a little thing.  We all want to feel that what we are doing is important and  is making a difference.  These days finding people that are happy workers is getting harder and harder to find.

One of my favorite places to find Happy Workers is The Center in Houston, Texas.  It was one of the first places I worked and it is one of the best and happiest places I have ever worked.  Satisfaction, pride, and seeing others happy is so satisfying.  It is a feeling of abundance that supersedes financial rewards.

I wanted to share with you this video, because when we begin to shift our ideas to what makes a happy worker, many times it is not just about the money.  Begin to think about the moments during your day when you begin to smile and appreciate the NOW of the moment.  You may find yourself thinking of sharing your gifts with others that could use your smile.

This website is dedicated to thinking outside the box and more on a basis of what you can do outside that box to bring new smiles to yourself and those around you.  Our jobs sometimes are all about money.  Our smiles may be about other things.  How can we integrate more smiles in our lives?   Begin thinking about when and what makes you happy.  Begin incorporating those times into your life, more and more.  You may find an entirely different direction for your time, and if you are so inclined, possibly meet some people that could move you closer to being one of those happy workers.

There are many things to worry about these days, begin noticing those things that make you smile and move you away from worry.  Find ways to incorporate more of the happy and less of the worry, by taking steps to move in that direction.

sharing what we knowThe world needs you.

Our world needs people that are ready to smile more.  The planet, the people, the water, the air, the animals, our veterans, seniors and others all need  a little help these days.  Starting small can mean only a few hours a week or less.  The goal is to spread those smiles,

Bring those skills you have and put them to work.  We need people that are willing to make change in their lives and others.  “Work” is a different word when you are happy.  We have had too many years of “work” being a “Four Letter Word.”

Let’s see if we can make work a  “Five Letter Word”

the act of giving


Happy Workers Image thanks to https://www.letslearnspanish.co.uk/course-37/level-5-lesson-10-13/attachment/happy-face/

Find New Ways To Be A Happy Worker


Thanks for reading – Finding what makes us Happy and Productive Changes Lives.

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Thanks For Reading!!            Best of Luck Always – D.Foster

Find Out How To Share Your Smiles at:    TheCenterHouston.org



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