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Girls Who Code Make Ideas Come True

Posted by | November 6, 2015 | codegirl, Computer Job Training, Computer Science Jobs, girls computer science training, girls who code

computer science jobs for girls
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Girls Who is one of my favorite positive websites to help girls learn to create their ideas by learning computer coding.  The lack of girls in the computer science industry has been noticeable and people have been  doing something about it.

I have given you information about before and have shared how valuable teaching our young girls to code can be when it comes to “girls who code make ideas come true.”  The idea has spread around the globe, and the idea of teaching girls how to code is becoming a global trend.

I am so excited to see the following video.

The real truth is we are seeing that providing  computer training for girls is becoming a global idea.  Girls joining in on the computer science industry is adding a twist in what has been done over the years.  Girls want to solve problems for their community, and they are imagining answers to the difficult problems that we are facing today.

Many young girls have such wonderful imaginations.  Giving girls the tools to create things that they can imagine in their mind, is such a gift for all of us.  The female gender has a usually gentle, loving spirit and when a young girl has tools to create happiness, and abundance, they will use their talents in a positive way.

Visit Google’s Made with Code initiative:

When girls learn to code, they turn their thoughts to making things happen to help others in their community and elsewhere.  As girls learn to code, they see problems, and they work together to create apps to fix the problems.

In the U.S. the program is available for communities with interested educators and local people that want to be part of getting a girls who code program started in their area.  Personally, I believe the program offers advantages for the community and the girls participating in the program.  If you are a school or educator in the Payson, AZ area, please contact me.   I would love to work on the project with you, but we would need to have a local educator involved to get this going in our area.

Several of the programs we saw the girls in the video create are to help those individuals that may have disabilities that are interfering with success in their daily lives, and that is where my interest is most keen.  I believe that many of our individuals that are considered disabled can be helped by simply using our technology to make these individuals more productive in their daily lives.

Our world is changing in many ways.  As our girls become more involved in using their imagination to create new and better ways to operate with each other, success for more people in this world is more attainable.

Support your local community, by supporting the ideas that create new options or  creative answers from our youth.  We have unlimited potential in our young people today, we need to understand this and nurture it.

Thanks for reading.

Please contact me if you do have interest in Payson, AZ becoming an opportunity for our young girls to learn how to code and create a new life for themselves and others. looks like a great way to start.

What we need is a current Instructor or Educator, to get the program started in our community.

           D.Foster –

Job Opportunities Connect Job Board is very excited to learn about and has created it’s own video to promote the program:


Ask us about videos for your

school program, non profit

or business today!  


or call 928-978-5743 and leave a message —

Girls Who Code Computer Training for Girls

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