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Freelancing The New Way To Work!


As work opportunities change, freelancing is becoming the new way to work.  I have heard the millennials discuss “Gigs”, which are the same as becoming a freelance worker. is designed to offer ideas for each of us to find job opportunities by thinkingfollow your passion outside that old, “I need a job” box.

In the book that Patricia Drain wrote titled:   “What will I be when I grow up… 40, 50, 60..”, she discusses creating multiple ways of creating income for ourselves. Today the world is changing rapidly and the old 8-5, job for life, is going away rapidly.  Each generation can see how opportunities for work are transforming.  Using your talents and skills to your best advantage is very smart.  Many of us have many more talents than we have even considered, and tend to label ourselves into one particular skill.,, are just a few of the sources that I have found offering you the new way to find work.  You can find work available locally or internationally, use some of those skills and talents you possess to help others, or even use a hobby of yours to create extra income.  Freelancing can become lucrative by growing various avenues to make money for yourself by completing assigned tasks quickly and responsibly.

freelancing the new way to find workOne of the first things we must do, when we think about freelancing, is to realize that we are much more than just the one job that we are doing now.  Maybe with a little tweaking we can even create new skills by using the ones we possess now in different ways.  It might take a little time to learn something new or different, or make some changes in how we accomplish a task, but these can be minor in some cases and bring our talents to a different level.

Freelancing, the new way to work offers variety, but also builds each of  your talents and your reputation as a quality worker.  In turn, this can create a more stable future for an individual in times of change.  As our world is changing, so are the job opportunities.

Find out how our Millennials are using gigs to create a different type of work  Freelancing, the new way to work offers our youth opportunities to work, and learn more about who they really are, and what they are really good at doing.  Older workers and even those retired workers may find a freelance position that is something that creates a new way of being, for an individual.  Using our talents and being of service to others in many of these jobs, gives us an opportunity to meet and learn new people and gain new abilities.

Change takes adaptation.  Changing how we perceive our work experience may seem like a crazy idea, but as employment opportunities change, our thinking must change if we want to have a successful life.  The old way of thinking about work, is changing, each of us need to find our own answers.

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Wishing You Much Success!

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Debbie Foster



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