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Finding Your Joy or Finding A Job

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finding a job or finding our joy
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Finding your joy

becomes very difficult when you are strictly focused on

finding a job.

Because finding a job today has become a full-time job for many, finding your joy is forgotten in the finding a jobemotions that finding a job evoke from us.  Finding a job emotions and finding your joy are not always in harmony.  If finding a job is focused on your survival, finding your joy is focused on finding your happiness.

We forget that finding our happiness is what our lives should be about.  Much of our happiness has been lost because of us living from the perspective of only fulfilling our survival needs.  Let us begin to look into the fact that our happiness is as much our personal responsibility, as our survival.  Creating a way to create our happiness, opens us up for much more than just finding a job.

The following video is a great motivator for finding your happiness and not just finding a job.  Each of us has our own way of finding our joy, as evidenced by what is shared on Facebook and other social media methods.  The best method to finding your personal joy, is to take the time to discover how and what represents your happiness and joy.

This video may help.

My journey started about five years ago, too.  Once I realized that our society has created that feeling of fear because we are lost in the confusion of how do we survive without a job?  A job is a means to get the energy of money moving through us.  Money has been the answer to our survival for a long time.  Our mindset of needing money, and the fear of lack of this money, has driven many people to deadly decisions.

Let’s begin our process of finding our joy and creating our happiness leading to the places where we want to spend our time and efforts.  This is not an easy choice, as he says in the video.  However, this is the choice that moves you to discovering the ways that your happiness and joy can become the direction of your survival.  Emphasis has been placed on monetary value of our lives and not the joyful, happy value of understanding that we are more than just our potential to bring in the dollars.  This is an idea that has been perpetuated in our society for many, many years.  Money can bring many enjoyable things, including survival, but survival as the only goal for your life, displaces permanent joy and happiness.

finding your joy or finding a joyBe sure to visit his website if this rings true for you.



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Best wishes for your future.

Find your Joy – and –Create your happiness.

That is Freedom!

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