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If you are a Job Advertiser, please feel to contact me directly below.

This website is not intended as a Job Board run by me.  This job board is designed as a teaching tool for students interested in running and operating a job board.

There  are many younger people that are very interested in internet marketing.  There are many parts to internet marketing and having opportunities to pursue what is available for employment opportunities is something every student should have an opportunity to know. Working and learning with job openings, salaries, locations of types of jobs, etc. offers student’s even more information to find the career path that best fits their desires for the future.


Career Counseling and Job Placement are important parts of a

student’s education.  

Learning to live and thrive in this world is important to everyone’s future.

Please Do Not Sign Up To Post Jobs At This Time.

We Do Not Collect Resumes At This Time.

Contact me if you would like to learn more

ask me about our other Websites available.

Thank you.

If you would like to Sponsor Students With This Website or find out more how our Websites Can Be Used For Educational Purposes

Please Contact Me.

Thank You!



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