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finding a job or finding our joy Need Some Inspiration? - Need Some Inspiration? We all need some inspiration at times in our lives Here is something that is very inspiring if you need some inspiration about now.  🙂 Temple Grandin – Womens Hall of Fame! “Honoring Dr. Temple Grandin in this esteemed group of women not only speaks to the power of her research and […]
mentoring for change together Community Involvement Ideas That Work - Community Involvement Ideas That Work People in my area seem to be looking for creative community involvement ideas that work to help the area solve unemployment, educational, and general survival needs for those living here. Payson, Arizona has the numbers, the people and the love of community to make a difference for those in need […]
baby boomers mentor millennials Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials - Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials? Why Not? Having worked in the Human Resource industry for some time, it had become apparent over the recent years how the difficulty of “finding a good job” was getting more difficult for most people and the competition between the older and younger individuals for these jobs had become intense. It […]
happy workers Happy Workers - Happy Workers  Check Out:    The Center In Houston, Texas Where people are productive and feel productive, we find Happy Workers. A sense of accomplishment is not a little thing.  We all want to feel that what we are doing is important and  is making a difference.  These days finding people that are happy workers […]
managing college stress Managing College Stress -Key Factors - Managing College Stress Managing college stress – There are so many factors when we are looking at the stress that college students face today.   Change is never easy and learning new aspects about the world in such a busy environment can be difficult.  Depending upon an individual’s background there may be factors that the […]
follow your passion Mentor Connection Choices - Whether we are seeking a mentor or thinking of becoming a mentor, we should stop and think about what the end result of our mentor connection choices are to be.  We seek different experiences from our connections, which may include a business connection or a personal learning experience.  The individual that is wishing to learn […]
finding a job or finding our joy Freelancing, The New Way To Work - Freelancing The New Way To Work!   As work opportunities change, freelancing is becoming the new way to work.  I have heard the millennials discuss “Gigs”, which are the same as becoming a freelance worker. is designed to offer ideas for each of us to find job opportunities by thinking outside that old, “I […]
mentoring for change together Mentoring For Change Together - Mentoring For Change Together Mentoring for change together is one way that positive energy can be exchanged to create the world we want to see.  There is no doubt that today, there are difficulties that we face everyday in our society.  These difficulties are experienced by young and old.  Interestingly enough, this one fact may […]
baby boomers mentor millennials Mentoring Arizona Opportunities - Mentoring – Arizona Opportunities Mentoring Arizona Opportunities Available.   We have so many individuals that are ready to shift into something new in their lives.   Our baby boomers offer information and knowledge that only comes with experience.  Our lives and our experience can help others as they are experiencing “the newness” of life. What […]
follow your passion Passion Job Opportunities For Our Future - Passion job opportunities for our future?   Is it possible for us to actually find passion job opportunities and still live successful, abundant lives? As long as I have been alive, I have been directed away from my passions.  When it came to working for social causes, helping others and any socially-directed endeavor, I have […]
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