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Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials

Posted by | September 30, 2016 | job postings

baby boomers mentor millennials
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Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials?

Why Not?

Having worked in the Human Resource industry for some time, it had become apparent over the recent years how the difficulty of “finding a good job” was getting more difficult for most people and the competition between the older and younger individuals for these jobs had become intense.

It seems, however, that now the difference between the talents and skills available between thesebaby boomers mentor millennials generations could actually prove to be very beneficial.  Consider the idea:   “Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials”,  and then read more from the following article from The Harvard Business Review, entitled:

“Mentoring Millennials”.  

Here is a Quick excerpt from the article:

“Millennials view work as a key part of life, not a separate activity that needs to be “balanced” by it. For that reason, they place a strong emphasis on finding work that’s personally fulfilling. They want work to afford them the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and connect to a larger purpose. That sense of purpose is a key factor in their job satisfaction; according to our research, they’re the most socially conscious generation since the 1960s.” 

It is a very interesting and informative article.  The time has come that our younger and older generations have an opportunity to collaborate the differences in their knowledge, skills and talents and create a totally new way of interacting with each other.

In this world of fast-moving technology,Baby Boomers mentoring millennials gives the world a chance to experience opportunities for both generations to grow, learn and prosper in new and different ways.

We are living in very unique times.  The new ideas and creative opportunities in front of us have never been there like they are at this time in history.  When we recognize opportunities for learning and success, it is up to us to move forward.

Thanks for reading.

Best of Luck Aways.

Debbie Foster



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