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Need Some Inspiration?

We all need some inspiration at times in our lives

Here is something that is very inspiring if you need some inspiration about now.  🙂

need some inspiration

Temple Grandin – Womens Hall of Fame!

“Honoring Dr. Temple Grandin in this esteemed group of women not only speaks to the power of her research and advocacy, but also her impact as a role model for young women everywhere,” said Tony Frank, president of Colorado State University, where Grandin teaches. “Early in her career, her determination helped her break into what was a largely male-dominated animal production industry, and she continues to serve as an advocate for women in the sciences, for young people with autism, and for anyone unwilling to let artificial boundaries stand in the way of their personal and professional success.”

Read More:


Many people today are thinking outside the box.

We don’t go to the people that want to keep thinking inside the box

to find support for our Big Ideas.need some inspiration to think outside the box

When we take the time to discover the people that support us in thinking in new ways,  

we can see more changes that we want to see 

in our lives and in the world.  

There are many ways that we can make a difference in our world today.  Changes in our society are here and ideas are how we make change.

Follow Your Passions!

Don’t Let Others Stop You From Your Dreams!

Stay Focused On What You Want To Accomplish.

Listen To Your Heart!

need some inspirationWhen you find those that understand your dreams and your purpose, you move forward, as an example.   You also may find those that have ideas that will work with your ideas.  Working together we have new options for the future.  Stay focused on your desires, gifts and great ideas that are important to you.

Wishing you much success!   Follow your dreams.

Change is in the air!!!  Make it work for you.

D.Foster and Friends

You can find more  inspiration by reading Gary Coxe Book:

” Don’t Let Others Rent Space In Your Head



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mentoring for change together
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Community Involvement Ideas That Work

People in my area seem to be looking for creative community involvement ideas that work to help the area solve unemployment, educational, and general survival needs for those living here.

Payson, Arizona has the numbers, the people and the love of community to make a difference for those incommunity involvement ideas that work need of a little extra help these days.  From reading our community’s population statistics, we have some very experienced individuals living and working in our area.  No matter what a person has experienced in his or her life, there are lessons learned from just living in this world and surviving.  Our town has many talented individuals to share knowledge with others that could use this knowledge for the benefit of themselves, as well as our local needs.

“Lessons Learned” can be wonderful assets for our youth.

Payson, Arizona: According to

“In the town the population was spread out with 18.1% under the age of 18, 4.6% from 18 to 24, 15.3% from 25 to 44, 25.9% from 45 to 64, and 36.2% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 49 years. For every 100 females, there were 94.1 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 93.5 males.[12]””

I have discussed mentoring, internships and apprenticeships over the past several months.  With the talent that we have here in this community, we can address many of the problems that I have heard mentioned in our local newspaper just recently. Payson: Creative Ideas and Change

Communities all over country are coming together to solve problems.  It takes community involvement ideas that work, being discussed with other like-minded individuals that understand the issues.



Here are just a few Creative Arizona

Community Involvement Ideas That Work :



Local First Arizona

Member Since 2017

Community Foundation For Southern Arizona 

Mohave County Community College -Community Outreach Program

International Sonoran Desert Alliance



When we want to see change, and decide we will do something about an issue, we begin to become solution motivated ideas are welcome“problem solvers“.  Working together through community involvement ideas that work for these issues, is how a community can find answers they need.  Using creative, innovative suggestions by those who really want to solve problems, answers are found.

Be Sure To Take Our Survey ………Available On This Site!


Ask Me About How To Post your Job Openings on this Website —

From Volunteers, Interns, Apprenticeships, Mentoring

plus full-time, part-time and temporary jobs ……….

lets get our community working together!

Get involved and make your community the best it can be.  🙂

Thanks For Reading.     Thanks For Sharing.

Debbie Foster

Visit my website at:





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Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials

Posted by | September 30, 2016 | job postings

baby boomers mentor millennials
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Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials?

Why Not?

Having worked in the Human Resource industry for some time, it had become apparent over the recent years how the difficulty of “finding a good job” was getting more difficult for most people and the competition between the older and younger individuals for these jobs had become intense.

It seems, however, that now the difference between the talents and skills available between thesebaby boomers mentor millennials generations could actually prove to be very beneficial.  Consider the idea:   “Baby Boomers Mentor Millennials”,  and then read more from the following article from The Harvard Business Review, entitled:

“Mentoring Millennials”.  

Here is a Quick excerpt from the article:

“Millennials view work as a key part of life, not a separate activity that needs to be “balanced” by it. For that reason, they place a strong emphasis on finding work that’s personally fulfilling. They want work to afford them the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and connect to a larger purpose. That sense of purpose is a key factor in their job satisfaction; according to our research, they’re the most socially conscious generation since the 1960s.” 

It is a very interesting and informative article.  The time has come that our younger and older generations have an opportunity to collaborate the differences in their knowledge, skills and talents and create a totally new way of interacting with each other.

In this world of fast-moving technology,Baby Boomers mentoring millennials gives the world a chance to experience opportunities for both generations to grow, learn and prosper in new and different ways.

We are living in very unique times.  The new ideas and creative opportunities in front of us have never been there like they are at this time in history.  When we recognize opportunities for learning and success, it is up to us to move forward.

Thanks for reading.

Best of Luck Aways.

Debbie Foster



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happy workers
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Happy Workers 

Check Out:    The Center In Houston, Texas

Where people are productive and feel productive, we find Happy Workers.

A sense of accomplishment is not a little thing.  We all want to feel that what we are doing is important and  is making a difference.  These days finding people that are happy workers is getting harder and harder to find.

One of my favorite places to find Happy Workers is The Center in Houston, Texas.  It was one of the first places I worked and it is one of the best and happiest places I have ever worked.  Satisfaction, pride, and seeing others happy is so satisfying.  It is a feeling of abundance that supersedes financial rewards.

I wanted to share with you this video, because when we begin to shift our ideas to what makes a happy worker, many times it is not just about the money.  Begin to think about the moments during your day when you begin to smile and appreciate the NOW of the moment.  You may find yourself thinking of sharing your gifts with others that could use your smile.

This website is dedicated to thinking outside the box and more on a basis of what you can do outside that box to bring new smiles to yourself and those around you.  Our jobs sometimes are all about money.  Our smiles may be about other things.  How can we integrate more smiles in our lives?   Begin thinking about when and what makes you happy.  Begin incorporating those times into your life, more and more.  You may find an entirely different direction for your time, and if you are so inclined, possibly meet some people that could move you closer to being one of those happy workers.

There are many things to worry about these days, begin noticing those things that make you smile and move you away from worry.  Find ways to incorporate more of the happy and less of the worry, by taking steps to move in that direction.

sharing what we knowThe world needs you.

Our world needs people that are ready to smile more.  The planet, the people, the water, the air, the animals, our veterans, seniors and others all need  a little help these days.  Starting small can mean only a few hours a week or less.  The goal is to spread those smiles,

Bring those skills you have and put them to work.  We need people that are willing to make change in their lives and others.  “Work” is a different word when you are happy.  We have had too many years of “work” being a “Four Letter Word.”

Let’s see if we can make work a  “Five Letter Word”

the act of giving

Happy Workers Image thanks to

Find New Ways To Be A Happy Worker


Thanks for reading – Finding what makes us Happy and Productive Changes Lives.

Download Your Free Copy To Help You Discover Ways To:  “Be A Happy Worker”

(no optin required)

Thanks For Reading!!            Best of Luck Always – D.Foster

Find Out How To Share Your Smiles at:



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Managing College Stress -Key Factors

Posted by | September 11, 2017 | managing college stress

managing college stress
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Managing College Stress

managing college stress

Managing college stress – There are so many factors when we are looking at the stress that college students face today.  

Change is never easy and learning new aspects about the world in such a busy environment can be difficult.  Depending upon an individual’s background there may be factors that the student does not even recognize. 

College is like entering  a new world.  Many of us may have attended the same elementary or high school with the same people around us for years.  Whether this is the case or not, college brings new experiences and responsibilities. Coupled with the transition from family and living situations, the experience can be “overwhelming” or, at least, difficult to manuever through all the new expectations.  

Balancing all the responsibilities of college life with relaxation and fun time can be a daunting tasks.

My friend,

James Mitchell at Intern wrote an article entitled:

managing college stress

How College Kids Can

Manage the Stress of School, Work, and Life Responsibilities

College students are among the busiest people in the world. The days of college being four years of partying and occasional learning are gone. Today’s college student must balance school, work, family, and still have time to focus on their own physical and mental wellbeing. That latter bit often gets lost in the shuffle, but it’s important to make time for “me time”. Here are some tips for how to manage stress as a busy college student juggling multiple responsibilities.

Create a schedule and stick to it (but also give room for adjustments)

If you haphazardly attempt to just “get everything done” every day, you’re not really setting yourself up to succeed. People that are able to find a good balance between work, school, family, and social life don’t just do it by accident. You need to create a daily schedule for yourself and do everything you can to stick to it. Yes, this means that you need to schedule your “fun” activities too. Allot time in every day for study, class, work, exercise, and relaxation. Those are the five tenets of a healthy college life. “Things such as exercise, date nights … and more can quickly fall by the wayside if they aren’t purposefully scheduled. Block out your calendar for important personal events, and you’ll find they happen as they should. It can be tough to remember in the middle of a stressful business moment, but they’re just as important,” notes

Remember that “balance” doesn’t always mean “equal”. You may need to devote more time to study than exercise, and that’s ok. As long as the balance is right for you it’s a good schedule.

Look for ways to give yourself more control of your time

It’s hard to add extra hours to the day – impossible, some might say. But what you can do is look for ways to give yourself more time flexibility. Waking up an hour earlier than normal to exercise, for instance, is a solid strategy. You can also try to find jobs that let you work on your own time – tutoring, for example. If you find yourself feeling caged in by your set class schedule, try taking an online course or two give yourself some more time flexibility.

Learn healthy stress management techniques

No matter how you tailor your schedule, you’re going to experience stress trying to juggle all of your responsibilities. There’s no way around this, even for the coolest cucumber on campus. That’s why it’s vital you develop healthy techniques for dealing with the stress.

The number one thing you can do is eat right and get enough exercise. Both of these lead to healthy minds and bodies, which will help you combat the negative effects of stress. Don’t skimp on sleep. It may be tempting to forgo sleep to fit more activity into your day, but it’s unhealthy and counterproductive in the long run. You won’t be able to manage your various responsibilities at all if you’re running on fumes. Learn some stress-relieving exercises, like yoga and meditation. Practice these every day or at least when you’re feeling severely stressed.

And finally, know that it’s dangerous to rely on drugs and alcohol as a method of coping with stress. While alcohol may provide some relief in the short term, the long-term risks are too great. Substance dependency creeps up on college students, as you can be an alcoholic and still shows signs of being high-functioning.

The pressures of entering the workforce and taking on life’s responsibilities can get to anybody, but if you can learn to manage the stress now, the skill will stick with you, and you will function better throughout your career.

Photo Credit:

James Mitchell (


James offers great suggestions for those suffering with managing college stress and I hope you will share this article with others.   


Thanks for reading.


I hope you have found ideas to help make the transition to college and managing college stress easier.

D. Foster

Find out more about how can help you with internships, scholarships, grants and apprenticeships on our website at: Http:// 

and be sure to visit their website:




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follow your passion
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Whether we are seeking a mentor or thinking of becoming a mentor, we should stop and think about what baby boomers mentor millennialsthe end result of our mentor connection choices are to be.  We seek different experiences from our connections, which may include a business connection or a personal learning experience.  The individual that is wishing to learn something new and the individual with the knowledge need to feel satisfaction from these relationships.

When we are talking about mentoring our youth, we are looking for people that are truly motivated to help children grow and learn in ways that will move their lives into achieving their goals.  Just helping children learn to read, play a musical instrument or be a better baseball player or dancer is part of mentoring our youth.  The time can be as little as one or two hours a week.  The important thing is the quality of the time spent.  Motivation and preparation from both parties creates more positive results.

For the individuals that are looking at making mentor connection choices for a specific learning experience, the following article from  called How To Start A Mentorship Relationship may be very helpful.  Just as you would choose a college, the impact on the outcome from your mentor connection choice, is very important to the final success.

Apprenticeships are all about making “the right mentor connection choice”.  Successful internships for students is also dependent upon making the right connection.  The individual that understands what he wants to know and what he needs to know for his success is one step ahead in this game.  The person that makes his mentor connection choice also based on the environment that best works for him or her, also has an advantage when it comes to success.  For students these choices may be based on the faculty at the school or institution.

don't think you can make a difference?There are usually challenges when learning new things and the better the fit between the Mentor and the one in the learning mode, the better the outcome.  Take time to make sure the right mentor connection match is in place and see what happens.

Careful Attention To Outcomes Is Important to:

Mentor Connection Choices 

Thanks for reading

Best of Luck always.




Become a Mentor today.

 Your knowledge, talent and skills are needed today more than ever.

Check Out:

(If you are in Gila County, be sure to sign up to become a

Mentor at DFF-Jobs For Change on the above website.

We Can Make A Difference Together)


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finding a job or finding our joy
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Freelancing The New Way To Work!


As work opportunities change, freelancing is becoming the new way to work.  I have heard the millennials discuss “Gigs”, which are the same as becoming a freelance worker. is designed to offer ideas for each of us to find job opportunities by thinkingfollow your passion outside that old, “I need a job” box.

In the book that Patricia Drain wrote titled:   “What will I be when I grow up… 40, 50, 60..”, she discusses creating multiple ways of creating income for ourselves. Today the world is changing rapidly and the old 8-5, job for life, is going away rapidly.  Each generation can see how opportunities for work are transforming.  Using your talents and skills to your best advantage is very smart.  Many of us have many more talents than we have even considered, and tend to label ourselves into one particular skill.,, are just a few of the sources that I have found offering you the new way to find work.  You can find work available locally or internationally, use some of those skills and talents you possess to help others, or even use a hobby of yours to create extra income.  Freelancing can become lucrative by growing various avenues to make money for yourself by completing assigned tasks quickly and responsibly.

freelancing the new way to find workOne of the first things we must do, when we think about freelancing, is to realize that we are much more than just the one job that we are doing now.  Maybe with a little tweaking we can even create new skills by using the ones we possess now in different ways.  It might take a little time to learn something new or different, or make some changes in how we accomplish a task, but these can be minor in some cases and bring our talents to a different level.

Freelancing, the new way to work offers variety, but also builds each of  your talents and your reputation as a quality worker.  In turn, this can create a more stable future for an individual in times of change.  As our world is changing, so are the job opportunities.

Find out how our Millennials are using gigs to create a different type of work  Freelancing, the new way to work offers our youth opportunities to work, and learn more about who they really are, and what they are really good at doing.  Older workers and even those retired workers may find a freelance position that is something that creates a new way of being, for an individual.  Using our talents and being of service to others in many of these jobs, gives us an opportunity to meet and learn new people and gain new abilities.

Change takes adaptation.  Changing how we perceive our work experience may seem like a crazy idea, but as employment opportunities change, our thinking must change if we want to have a successful life.  The old way of thinking about work, is changing, each of us need to find our own answers.

You can find out more:  Read My Blog:  Finding a Job In 2015: Just Say No To Job Boards


Wishing You Much Success!

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Debbie Foster



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mentoring for change together
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Mentoring For Change Together

Mentoring for change together is one way that positive energy can be exchanged to create the world we want to see.  There is no doubt that today, there are difficulties that we face everyday in our society.  These difficulties are experienced by young and old.  Interestingly enough, this one fact may be one of the answers to our difficulties.  The idea of us mentoring for change together is an idea whose time has arrived.

Statistics say that we have a lot of experience available just through the shear volume of numbers of experienced people retiring from our workforce today.  Many of these individuals, may be retiring earlier than normal, whether on purpose or because of the way our job market is changing, they are finding themselves without employment.

In the past, we have relied on our mentors to be volunteers.  Today, our economy is such that, for manythe act of giving, young and old,  “time is money” and “money is tight”.  Our communities are finding it difficult to get any reliable volunteers, whether mentors or not, due to this need for financial survival.  When we put our heads together as a community, we can find solutions.  Most businesses, small and large, are looking for new customers or new connections in need of their services.

Have we considered how we can create new ways of rewarding our very important volunteers and mentors?  It seems that offering needed services for time well spent assisting others, is one way that we could increase the volunteering availability of experienced volunteers to do mentoring or other services.  This would be a community action that could add to mentoring programs and other volunteer services required in an area, while also offering new business connections in the community.

Please take our quick survey.  We are looking into ideas for mentoring in the area.  Getting people involved with the community and services designed to make our communities better is called sharing.  Sharing our ideas, time, skills and talents is one way to get the community involvement that creates change.

Thanks for reading and Thanks For Sharing.

Debbie Foster

Never Stop Learning!


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baby boomers mentor millennials
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Mentoring – Arizona Opportunities

Mentoring Arizona Opportunities Available.  

We have so many individuals that are ready to shift into mentoring for change togethersomething new in their lives.   Our baby boomers offer information and knowledge that only comes with experience.  Our lives and our experience can help others as they are experiencing “the newness” of life.

What we know and even sharing our time with others provides a different perspective.  Just spending time with our youth gives us a different perspective on life.  Sometimes, as we get older, we become a bit more set in our ways and forget how much seeing life from a completely different perspective can be eye-opening and fun.

Arizona offers an opportunity to get involved.   Watch the video below.  What a great opportunity to get involved with your community and bring a new perspective to our lives.

I want to share the following video with you, because it is very important that we consider Mentoring and working together for our community’s progress.


Are you ready to make a difference in your life and those that are creating the future.   Internships and Mentoring are a natural.  Find ways to be of service and begin moving the connection between success closer for our youth and ourselves.


Be sure to visit   today to find out more!!

By Making connections we can make great changes!

Get Involved In Your Area!

Never Stop Learning.    

Thanks for reading.   Debbie Foster

Finding ways of being of service in our communities and using our talents and skills in ways that will benefit others is a Life Purpose for any age.

I will be adding information regarding Grants, Fellowships, and other ways of creating a better life for yourself and others.   There are many funding sources available today that were not available previously for people ready to make a difference in others lives, as well as, their own.

Check back often!!!

Discover Connections Today!



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